She and Him

I'm married.
i am the she and he is the him.
we love it!
3 months in and going strong haha.
yeah, ok so anyway I've finally got a few seconds to post about our wonderful wedding!
Woop holla holla.
it really was the greatest day ever. and you hear how people's wedding day is just a big blur to them and they don't remember anything about it. Well how unfortunate for them. That was definitely not the case in our situation. We both remember pretty much everything in fact. From Kate Robinson's cute necklace i noticed as she hugged us, to grandpa jones' sweet words of wisdom given as he sealed us in the timp temple. go us!
The only thing we would have changed was to have had a nibble or two of our reception food. oh...and to have avoided the minor collision of motor vehicles belonging to family members as we were all setting up for the reception.
no matter!
the day was nine. three.
september is a glorious month to get married if you didn't know.
(keep that in mind all you unwed).
I'd walk you through every moment of the day, but as spectacular as it was, it was mighty lengthy, and you'd stop reading before i'd finished. SO!...let me throw in some illustrations to keep you interested.
bright and early, i went to get hair and makeup done by mindi, who is lovely.
bff linds went with and captured the transformation.

notice: they're all in black and white A-because color is irrelevant in these photos and B-because my outfit if ridiculous enough in b/w. no need to make things worse by including color scheme.

yes. it was exactly what i wanted. mindi again is an angel.

So then i was sealed to B for ever and ever in the temple. that place is glory. went today actually. it's still as great as it was on nine.three. i just wasn't as big a deal in there this time around.
so post marriage ceremony, the lovely jessica rae schaack took photos. she's lovely in every sense of the word. and so are her photos.

at that point...

love hit us hard from every side as we walked out those double doors.
hugs ALL around.

linds is on the left. she's the bff. tif is on the right. she is oh so bright! (rhyme)both will play into the story in a mo. remember them...
and then it was pose time.

snap snap flash. you know the routine. she shot some real beauts on that perfect afternoon.
you'll agree no?

here is where tif and linds become important to remember. linds was the perfect right hand man-lady all day long ,and tif was our saving grace as she gifted us the greatest wedding gift of a zuppas turkey cranberry sandwich halfway though pictures. food equals energy equals ability to enjoy your wedding day.

gems i tell you. gems of friends i'm blessed with.

Now on to my pride and joy...the celebration!
it was a labor of love, four months in the making and i loved everything about it! With the help of those i love we made it all from tablecloths to food to centerpieces to buttons and dresses.
but oh poo...where to begin?!haha really. i'm sitting at the computer right now having mild to moderate anxiety about this guys.
lets just start with the florality of it all.
ashely nash. (real life name!) did our flowers. she is a wonderful woman who caught my vision perfectly.
*i'd give out her contact info, but that isn't my place so let me know if you ever need a reasonably priced, magnificent florist!
oh and a big FYI before we begin in case it isn't obvious, i chose mustard, butter and charcoal as our colors. to be specific.

my bouquet.

the food table had two beautiful sprays on it. here's one.

and billy balls were hanging out all over in the wedding party flowers!
groom. maid of honor. bretheren.

and to tie right into that, are the centerpieces we had on the dining tables.

i made them by taking old books, cutting through the cover and several pages, inserting a photo of B and I, and modge-podging them shut. Then i stacked them with other books, and Ashely Nash worked her magic using flowers (of course) and small teacups, vases, and glass bottles i'd found. easy pie!!!

speaking of pie, lets talk food. we made little tags so people knew what they were eating, and i'm jealous i didn't get any of it. with the help of my wonderful aunts, there was plenty to dine on.

and now for dessert...

the tiered bundt towers were made using candle sticks from tai pan for bases, and then had a wooden dowel wedged through three variously sized wooden plates. I finished them off by wrapping the edge of each plate with different ribbon, and sticking flags in the tops.

a big banner greeted guests that we made by simply ironing "WELCOME" (purchased through wall-works vinyl lettering for super cheap) to some yellow fabric and hung from shepherd's hooks. It isn't pictured. but it turned out great haha!

B. and I stood in the gazebo where we'd hung tiny yellow flowers and several stitching rings with different yellow fabrics stretched into them.

my dad and i built this snap-shot photo booth. using wood framing and furniture fabric.
Then we screwed a big ol picture frame to the front that i found for $4!

we also used a shot of us with the "thank you" banner for post-card thank you's we just sent out.

that's jess our photographer.^
i made the prop sticks by 1.wrapping small dowels in ribbon, and 2. attaching the "facial accents" which 3. i created in adobe and 4. stuck to foam core with spray adhesive.

And then people wrote words of wisdom and congratulations on yellow cards and placed them in this bargain find.

(originally polaroids from the photobooth would have been signed , but that instant camera failed us. so word to the wise, double check those sorts of things!!)

To wrap it up-ish...

we had taffy and buttons in a big "enjoy" jar on the way out.

the tiny personal touches were some of my favorite parts about our wedding day.
things no one knew, but us few.
1. i stitched the boys names on the inside of each of their ties
2. the earrings i wore were borrowed from my very best woman lindsey k that she wore weeks earlier on her own biggest day.
3. my mother made my dress.
and hers.
and the maid of honor's.

4. Aunt Cathy created our wedding bunt
5. dad designed the buttons. and invitations. and signs.
6. the drink containers were propped up on grandma walker's old books and boxes. a tiny way to have her there with us on such a wonderful occasion.

So much love was put into so many small and seemingly insignificant parts of our wedding day.
I absolutely lobed it, as i absolutely lobe my husband.
happiest holidays to one and all.