I've recently decided to take the opportunity this summer to attend school at BYU Hawaii, where the beaches are beautiful and the classes are easy. I still have a lot to sort out before going, but the excitement and anticipation continue to build. Pretend you're me....SWEET!How great is life going to be come April? I know right?!
Well here's the catch.
I don't know if you're any type of world traveler, and if not, then you wouldn't already know this, but traveling is mighty rough on the savings account.
In the miniscule amount of traveling that I've done, it's become insanely obvious to me just how spectacular the world around me actually is.So much diversity and opportunity sit out there waiting to be recognized, and I've absolutely fallen in love with that idea of "traveling the world."
No, this love is not the problem.
The problem is, I feel guilty about taking off to Hawaii. It could very well be a grandios adventure, or just an unnecessarily expensive education. I feel selfish spending so much money on an education I could gain here in the states.
Opting for this route would be a decision more focused on my future. It's just that from what I've gathered in my 21 years, money is a fairly essential thing, and spending it solely on myself has just seemed especially selfish slash unnecessary these past few weeks as I've thought about Hawaii.
glorious day.
I came across this old poem I had hanging in my room back in High School.


Mud is not bad for nest building.
Mud and sticks
And a fallen feather or two will do
And require no reaching.
I could rest there, with my tiny ones,
Sound for the season, at least.

If I may fly awhile--
If I may cut through a sunset going out
And a rainbow coming back,
Color upon color sealed in my eyes--
If I may have the unboundaried skies
For my study,
Clouds, cities, river
s for my rooms--
If I may search the centuries
For melody and meaning--

If I may try for the sun--
I shall come back
Bearing such beauties
Gleaned from God's and Man's very best.
I shall come filled.
And, then--
Oh, the nest that I ca
n build!

-carol lynn pearson

My oh my it means so much more to me now!
It is now, at this time in my life, that I need to seize the opportunities that can only be taken by soloists. You know...people who have only themselves to take care of for time being.
Motherhood and a family of my own will bring me more joy than anything else my whole life long. I know that. And the experiences I allow myself to have now, will only be of benefit when it comes time for me to built my "nest"
So my dear friends, I advise you, and me, to leap at those opportunities (pricy or not) that allow us to glean the beauties from God's and Man's very best.

word to your mother.
and her lovely nest.


Bienvenue 2010!

Reflecting is something I have to do consciously. I never find myself just pondering on the past in spare speckles of time throughout my day or week. So...with the new year presently upon us, it wasn't until today when I was asked a direct question about this past year, that I took time to reflect on my accomplishments, challenges, lessons learned, and memories gained in the year 2009.
I can't believe it's over and done with.
Initially I think..holy poo! What did I do that was of any worth in 2009? Then I reflect.

I chose to live in China for the first five months of 2009. I had no clue what I was doing, and because of my naivety i was fearless. Inhibitions and doubts about what who I was and what I was capable of, slowly broke down as I fell in love with 33 magnificent children. They grabbed hold of my heart and will forever remain a part of who I am. I think about those tender little minds and bodies working and growing without me everyday and it breaks my heart that I can't be there with them. Those children changed me more than I ever could have imagined and far more than they will ever be able to comprehend.

I have learned to be patient with others in 2009, and am learning to be patient with myself and with the challenge of making and waiting for so many big decisions in my life.

I have learned that I am capable of getting along with ANYONE...for at least five months.

I have come to understand that life is change, and in order to progress in life I have to be able to adapt to whatever it throws my way.

I have been so fortunate this past year to have gained a solid sense of who I am, void of modern, worldly distractions and pressures. Those distractions definitely complicate things, but I'm managing.
And can I just tell you my friends, it is oh so fantastic to know oneself!

In 2009 I became even dearer friends with the lovely Lindsey Kathleen Moultrie. Have you ever fought with your best friend? What would we fight about? Who knows. What a blessing.

I have learned that friendships can exist no matter how long-distance they may have to be.

I learned that sometimes the sweetest friendships can develop out of the smallest of seeds..even seeds planted in your music 101 class.

As friends have come home from missions this past year, I look at who I was when they left, and how differently I view the world and the people around me now, compared to two years ago.
Different is a very good word in this case.

I have learned how important it is to pause and appreciate the beauty of every relationship I have, and how great an impact everyone around me has on my life.

I was blessed enough in 2009 to understand that I grow in all aspects of my life, at a much faster rate, as soon as I allow myself to be changed by my experiences and by the people around me.

I have learned humility.

Best of all, as I reflect on 2009, my soul is filled with gratitude and love as I realize how blessed I truly am! What don't I have? What can't I do?
Looking forward to 2010, I expect a lot from myself and can't wait to become an even stronger, more passionate, and life-loving individual.

2010= Grand Adventure.
Anyone care to join me?!