oh what a world

It has been yet another LENGTHY day of work and wedding.
All of you out there who have already done this wedding planning business, I'm sorry.
I had no clue what you were going through or I would have offered you a few tylenol out of my purse every time I saw you. That or starbursts.
no no, It really isn't that bad. It's just insane how much there is to be done!
Anyway...to get to why I'm writing tonight...
I was looking for wedding stuff online.
You just never mind about what exactly I was looking for that brought me to this fine, feathered friend, but please, is this not the most bizarre thing you've seen today?
*it actually may not be if you saw oprah this afternoon with the brothers used to be brother and sister but now both have beards and the boy who was always a boy is anorexic. oprah, she's so dramatic.

It's actually a mascot for some sports team somewhere.
bah haha I chuckle every time.
Not a lie.
Wink you heroic man wink! And please keep the knife clenched tightly in your jaws.
It's quite menacing.
Anyway, that ended my day with a good little giggle and I thought I'd share.
Giggles are good.
(Unless they're produced by foolish school-girls who should be out playing in the dirt.)

Humorous? I hope you'll agree.

Happy sleeps and even happier days to you my friends!