Hallelujah. {a grateful praise}

We are grateful I promise.
Just not often enough. But I'm sure you're guilty of the same crime.
So thank goodness we have this Thanksgiving holiday to set us all straight at least once a year!
I'm pretty sure that Thanksgiving, and right after a trial or hardship are the only times in life that I am ever as grateful as i should be for my many blessings.
Something to work on i suppose.
Just add it to the growing list.

But this year, our
FIRST year being married for the "Holiday Season" (our first year even knowing each other for the holidays haha), B. and I decided to have an FHE that helped us remember all that we're thankful for, and would help us to CONTINUE to remember those blessings year round. day in and day out.
So...we invented the
Gratitude Wreath! go us!

1. We opened up to page 1 of a novel

...and wrote on that page, as well as every other page in the book...
something that we are thankful for.

from showers

to eyeballs.

It was so glorious to sit and fill that little book with gratitude!
Joy i tell you. joy is what it brought us. In all it's simplicity, which is why i encourage you to do the same.

2. We cut those pages out, and rolled them up from bottom to top into little cones.

3. Then we glued them all to a styrafoam wreath. Oh roberts, you have just the right craft supplies at just the right time.(plus 40% off one of my items EVERYTIME!) I'm grateful for Roberts! too bad i didn't put that on a page eh.
next time.

It took awhile, but the end result now hangs on our humble little wall, and we love it!

I love life, and am definitely grateful for much.

Be grateful daily. That's my encouragement to.you to.day.
Happy holidays and a might wedding post to follow soon.
That's a promise.
Big love.