shoulda. coulda. shush.

shush. i've never seen that word spelled out but it looks kinda dumb. like as you're reading it you're a little bit hesitant because you're pretty sure you're going to say it wrong.

ya get me?

ok. good. bueno. buenish?

well anyway.

I'm just at work. and could slash should be doing pretty much anything besides bliggity bloggin, but here i am!

perhaps you're reading at a less-than-appropriate time as well. we're twins!
nope. I already have one of those.

I was just thinking about all the things I should or could be doing besides being at work. Holly, my jolly co-worker and I were just talking about how productive we might be if work didn't always get in the way and wear on the minds and the bones and such.

I love that i CAN work. am ever so grateful for a job, see the necessity in money, but still love clocking out and being done! free to be me and to create and to bake and learn! wahoo life is a gem yeah?! Except when i'm at work. bloop.

Attitude shift is in order. I'm aware. Either that or a new job. haha oh boy.

Speaking of which...come December which equals graduation, I'll be in need of a new job.

What?! who knows what a bachelors degree in Human Development is supposed to do for me? I'm still extremely unawares.


Now that my thoughts have been splurted out upon this electronic page, do you want me to tell you what I learned today? sweet. this way you can learn the same things too. take it or don't.

I learned that my sweet B sometimes wears his jimmy jams clear until 11am on the days he doesn't work till 3pm. I learned this because he locked himself outside the house whilst getting the mail. (understandably an urgent task to perform at 11am on a Wednesday)

I learned that we have spectacular neighbors who were so kind and willing to drive that same sweet B to my place of work to get MY house key.

good people are everywhere!

I learned that life is precious and that it comes as quickly as it goes.

This learning came about as a grand baby was added to Leone's family only hours before I haphazardly ( cause I don't know much about the matter) tried to help a man work to overcome a mild stroke he had that went down right before my two little eyes.

I learned my ideas are not always the best ones.

I kinda learn that everyday...today included. It's healthy to be humbled.

I learned that having sufficient amounts of magnesium in your diet can help alleviate effects of gluten on the digestive system.

Nutrition textbook. It's enlightening I guess.

I also learned that the Golden Spoon will let you use a coupon twice!

i love sweet deals.

I hope to learn more tomorrow.And should probably write more well thought out entries from here on out. Today was a blurt blog and I don't regret it one ounce. I'll just do better next time.

Big love.

Happy days as spring is near. It's true. No matter how much snow is coming this week. Spring grows closer everyday!

-Han Bone (that's for you Tif)