the most beautiful thing about having a blog that no one follows (except for my dear tifanafit of course), is that you don't have to feel bad about not posting for like 3 months.
try that on for size you popular blog writers you!
..or something.
I mean no offense.
Yes, it has been awhile since I've posted anything, but that isn't because muchos hasn't happened.
School is over and done. 3 semesters to go! woop holla holla.
I have a new job as a receptionist at Human Performance Physical Therapy. If you need some PT, come see me! (rhyme)
I'll help sign you in and give you peppermint salt-water taffy if I like you enough.
Really, come see me. The people I work with are marvelous human beings. Life is joy.
I'm TOTALLY 21 years of age now as well! Go me right? yeah i know. You're probably 21 too. Or older.
And you're cool too. Now we can all be cool and 21(+) together. Party!

These two buckaroos came to shower me with birthday gifts

...and this is my twin
.he is 21 like me.

In between the "schools out scream and shout" and the "Happy Birthday to me I'm 21" something else happened. Something big and something wonderful, but also tres facile.
B. got a job. Not just any job though, it's one of those once in a lifetime type jobs that no one in their right mind should ever turn down even if it means making a lot of big, hard changes for awhile, and sacrificing much.
He's translating slash interpreting for a Taiwanese baseball player in the minor-leagues who we'll just call Z (because his real name is Taiwanese like he is, and I don't speak that and neither do you). The catch is that he's in Arizona from May 11th until Halloween-ish.
not really, i'm just being dramatic...and it IS an incredible opportunity. The distance just makes things sorta poo-ish for us. Skype is totally number one, but still...pretend you're me and you'd think the situation was poo too. (another rhyme).
I now have great empathy and appreciation for all the folks who have dabbled in this business of long-distance love. I'm glad you were strong. Strong for each other and strong for me. Your example helps loads so gracias.
*Haha i know this is super random, but guess what?! I know one full sentence in spanish. My dear twin taught it to me upon request. Ready?...it's "Mi cellular es une higante" I'm not spanish so i'm sure the spelling is wrong but it means "My phone is a giant." Cause it is! Want to trade? ok sweet.
Anyway, like I was saying, B. left. It's a definite struggle, but I know it's worth it. He's oh so totally worth it!
And then I turned 21 like I said, and guess what the best birthday present I ever got was?! A plane ticket from my best person in the world. B!!!!

i saw the ticket...
smiled SO big...
then cried tears of joy.

The ticket is to AZ for 6-23 and I am so giddy!
25 days and counting. Today is like my December 1st and we're officially on the countdown till Christmas. I love christmas! I love B!

Love to you my friends.
Enough to last until I post again.