DIY Fabric Fireworks Centerpiece

So we are newly married, which pretty much equals being poor people. I don't mean down in the dumps poor. I just mean regular, can't-buy-cute-house-decor-poor. You all know how that is. Your crafty-self nearly aches sometimes when you can't just willy nilly on out to Roberts or Micheals or freakin Hobby Lobby and find a knick-nack to brighten up your home. It's the pits.

Well now I've got that laid out on the table, I'd like to share with all of you who are in this "thrifty" boat with me, my little stumbled-upon-it way of Americanizing our quaint little apartment for the upcoming Independence Day without spending one dime. I put together this super simple Fabric Fireworks guy to keep on our kitchen table as the centerpiece.

Here are the step by step instructions:
1. Start with some old cotton t-shirts. One of each color (red, white, and blue in my case).

2. Then, starting at the bottom, cut the shirt into 3/4 inch strips until you reach the armpits. This should be plenty of fabric to work with.
3. Now you have a big pile of fabric strips, all equal in length. To vary the sizes of my "fabric fireworks" I cut the strips into various sizes.

Now it's time to roll the fabric strips into fireworks!

4. Start by giving yourself about a 3 inch tail, then turn your fabric under at a 90 degree angle so that the rest of the strip now hangs off to the side...

and begin rolling tightly. Pinching the roll with thumb and pointer finger will help it from unraveling.

5. Leave another 4-5 inches at the end of your roll as shown.

6. Now turn your roll over, and tie your center and end tails together in a knot.

7. Ta da, one fabric firework completed! You can use hot glue to secure your knot to the back of your roll, making it less fragile.

8. Once all of your fireworks are rolled up, you simple assemble them in your apothecary jar (or whatever else you've got to put them in) as you so wish. I layered mine by color, and used about 15 rolls of each color in various sizes.

9. Top your display off with a festive ribbon ( I found mine in a stash of gift wrapping supplies), and you're finished!

Let me know if you try it, and how it turns out. I was pretty proud of the finished product and even more proud of how little it cost!

Big love, and enjoy your freedom.