.a story.

I have a story to tell.
are you in the mood for a story?

Even if you're not, you can read this one because it's pretty marvelous.

It began with a hectic, last minute flight swap that would throw me into Vegas for a pit stop before reaching Phoenix. No, layovers for two hour flights are not common...but my original flight had been delayed from 9:30pm to 1:30 am and the Sin City option would only delay my arrival time to Phoenix by 1 hour. Not 4. So we boarded the plane in SLC (we is really just me in this case), and approximately 8 years later we landed in Vegas for a lengthy 20 minute wait.
-Did you know they have slot machines at the Vegas airport?! Not too shocking I know. And I was tempted to slip a quarter just because I could...being 21 and all...but did you also know that every person at the slots was either obese, extremely hairy, or had a bum leg? Yeah. ultimately i opted out of the airport gambling scene, and eventually boarded airplane dos.
Destination: PHOENIX!
This flight, much like the first, passed at painstakingly slow speeds.

I sat with my nose pressed against the window and made a wish at 11:11right after landing, as the pilot took forever to guide us to gate c7.
But when he finally did , and when I finally saw B., my heart jumped and my eyes watered
and we hugged and stared at one another in disbelief for a very very very long time.
He lugged my suitcase out to the truck. What a gentleman. And we drove to Cottage apartments where he and Z reside.
After meeting Z, who is quiet and kind, I received a tour of the tiny apartment. The last room to see was B's.
He had filled the entire room with balloons and hearts and loves just for me! How thoughtful right?! That's what I was thinking. "oh what a great welcoming gift."
There were cards scattered on the bed. Cards that said lovely things. For me. From B.
He said I could gather them up and we could read them together.
I was in the middle of my gathering, when I saw it.
Tiny and silver.
I jumped up, squealed (not unattractively like a piglet, but just out of surprise and delight), and rushed over to B who was at the foot of the bed.
It was at the foot of that corduroy-covered bed, that Brenden L. Smith asked if I would marry him.
I said yes!
Can you even believe it?!
I can't.
I'm still in shock, but could not be more ecstatic!
This is going to be the greatest, grandest adventure of them all!

As we read those cards he'd scattered..yeah the ones I gathered (rhyme!), in addition to another separate, special letter, I knew it couldn't be more right (it equals us. He and I.)I knew this before I said "yes", but everything he's done and continues to do for me and for us makes me that much more sure.

We're lame and didn't take any photos that night, but here is a picture of my ring for you. He picked it out all by himself.

.not too shabby.

I am the luckiest.


September 3. Be there.

love to all
with love from me.


Deux. Dos. Two. Poo!

Two days.
5 meals
Two sunsets.
50 hours.
Two showers.
201,600 heartbeats
Two people.
1 suitcase.
Already packed. (you'd better believe it!)
When the meals are eaten, the suns have set, and the showers are taken, I'll be finding myself in the Scottsdale Airport in blasting, blistering heat...
with HIM!
In HIS arms, kissing HIS forehead, holding HIS hand.
I cannot sufficiently express the joy my heart is filled with
at the shortest, simplest thought of it!
I'm so in love, and so ready to be with my love.
For five days at least.
I've got a feeling (woo hoo) that beaucoup will happen in these few days that I'll be away.
Great things! Lots of them!
I can't wait to come back ready to share all the beautiful happenings I'm about to experience.
Love is joy.
and with that, life is joy.
thats the plan anyway! So lets do our best to stick to the plan team.
Can we be a team?
Teamwork never seems work!
See you in one week team.
Go team.
Go life!
Go Arizonian adventures!