Nowhere in this post is there reference to some creeper peeping tom fellow, so if thats what you were hoping for based on the title, I promise to disappoint.

Peephole just equals people.

I read one of those way sweet forwarded emails that we often delete without second thought for fear that they mask a truly disastrous virus. Don't worry it wasn't a chain letter, it promised me no money for filling out a survey, there was no virus, and I actually slid away from the computer a better girl than when I slid up to it.

The email was about peephole. and it totally helped me evaluate my peephole treating habits and such. It was mmm mmm good.

Post forwarded-email, I got to questioning and wondering how courteaous, thoughtful, patient, and helpful I am toward my fellow man.

I do try sometimes, but can honestly say the roadways are my weakpoint. Don't suck at driving because it makes it very hard for me to not hate you. Sorry. I did say it was my weakpoint though.

Helping others however would have to be something I love about B and I because we're trying to be good helper bees. You know the ones. They tootle around doing their own thing but if they see someone who needs a helper then the helping becomes their job for a minute.

yes. thats us. striving to be bees.

I will say that it makes life easier and happier when I treat others well. You're on board with that line of thought aren't you? Not only does it get me places faster (truthfully who wants to be on the recieving end of a raging phone call let alone be sincererly and effiecently helpful to the rager at the other end? {answer}: NO ONE). Point proven.
Helping also makes being grateful for MY life extremely easy.

Once upon a time B and I were driving to my parent's home in hopes of a sweet saturday night adventure. As we whizzed past a girl trudging along the side of the busy roadway, helper bee mode kicked in and we decided to flip a u-ee(?!) and see if we could get her to her destination faster. Girl pulled her headphone out in response to our yelling across this busy roadway, and replied with wincing eyes, "Its kind of a long way."

Well what are we supposed to say, "yeah, we're only in this for the short haul. If you've got a long way to go we can't help you. laters!". No. That would be lame, and probably slightly inhumane.(rhyme?) If anything, the thought that she was having to walk that far should have pushed us to want to help that much more.
Don't worry, this story is kind of a happy one and the thought did push us. So she hopped in the back seat, buckled up, and pointed.

Another {7} miles or so beyond where we'd picked her up, we pulled up to girl's house. She walks the {3} hours each way EVERYDAY to work so that she can save up enough to get herself through school. She rarely gets a ride as seemed far too shy and reserved to ask co-workers for a lift. Since 9/10 she has been making this trek. Rain, snow, wind, shine. I was so astounded at her courage, commitment, and optimistic attitude about her situation. Serious props go out to girl from this little helper bee. She is such an example to me of hard work and steady optimism.
How are we ever going to learn "life lessons" if we don't live life to the fullest (part of which includes serving, learning about, and spending time with others)?
I haven't a clue.
So those are my most up to date thoughts about peephole. I hope my thoughts spark some thoughts in your own brains out theres regarding the matter.

Big love.

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  1. i love you.
    and your goodness radiates from inside out. i hope you know that. you're already a beaming example to me, and each and every time i see you it grows, that beam.