Have you ever heard of the...quirk I guess for lack of a better description, that has to do with 11:11? The one where every time you see a clock that reads "11:11" you MAKE A WISH?!

Well it's a pretty good quirk guys. There is something slightly childish about it (okay, oober childish. so sue me.), but that's what makes it so magical and simple and beautiful.
I dare you to try it next time you see a clock tick-tocked to exactly 11:11. Beware. You only have a minute, maybe less. and then the moment is gone like every other one and you have to wait until you happen to catch the clock at that very exact tick-tock again.

It doesn't count if you're waiting for it. That's the only rule.

The reason I bring it up is because my past experience with the simple beauty of this quirk has been the inspiration behind a new little undertaking my mother and I have just under taken. oop.
We just started up a shop at Etsy called Dainties@E1evenE1even Super exciting and a little intimidating, but we're stoked.
you can be stoked with us too.

No negative image can possibly pop into one's head when thinking of dainty things. Things like making a wish at precisely 11:11, or unwrapping a present extra slow, or taking the first bite of a scrumptious lemon cake, or throwing the bedspread high up into the air and letting it float daintily down over your comfy bed again, or letting your hair down and wiggling your toes while you ride your bicycle and eating a sno-cone (perhaps that last one is a little too multi-tasky for some of us). But you see?! All dainty ideas and wonderfully sweet. For the beauty of its imagery alone, we settled on the name of our sweet little shop. He is pretty tiny right now.

Just a few items up for sale, but tiny or no, they are marvelous. and there is only more to come.
So please check us out in Etsy land. let us know what you think. spread the word. Like us on facebook. I double dare you! Big love and best of luck to you in your own new undertakings. Spread those featherless wings folks!There is a world to be inspired by out there.

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